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Paradise Bracelet

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o Made as a reminder to be thankful for every day. o Bracelets Read:  Believe all things are possible.  Hope, Strength, Blessed, Faith, Miracle  I am blessed, I am thankful  Because you believed, It has happened  You can accomplish anything  You are beautiful, amazing, extraordinary o DETAILS:  Wearable length: 7.5”  Strand 1: Crystal beads accented by Rose Gold sphere round beads  Strand 2: Firestone beads with Rose Gold sphere beads.  Strand 3: Lambskin leather foil printed with inspirational messages.  Strand 4: Assorted glass and crystal beads accented with faux pearls and gold bead with rhinestone trims.  Closure: Magnetic  Good Works Make a Difference donates 25% of net profits to GOOD causes.